Some topics, workshops, series, and courses available.
Pamala is open to other specified requests
on Biblical themes and Kingdom considerations.

Gates and Keys
  • Hebraic Applications
  • Shemology
  • Names of God
  • Names of Jesus
  • Names of the Holy Spirit
  • Children/Tribes of Israel
  • Anointing, Prayer, and Blessings
  • Prayer Shawl
  • Intercession and Intermediation
  • Laying on of Hands
  • The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • The “HINENI” Revelation
  • Covenants, Feasts, and Offerings
  • Five-fold Ministry Development
  • Extending Your Borders
  • Lengthening the Mantle
  • Grace and the Law
  • In-depth study of Old Testament promises, principles, and
    procedures with New Testament enlightenment
  • Types and Shadows of the Messiah
  • The 42nd Generation

Schools of the Prophetic Arts
  • A Prophetic Heritage and Holy Habitation
  • Hearing and Releasing
  • God’s Voice
  • Symbolism and Typology
  • Shadows of the Messiah
  • Tabernacles
  • The Covenant of the Colors
  • Mysteries Made Known
  • Vessels of Honor
  • Dwelling in the Superlative
  • In Pursuit of His Excellency
  • Becoming God’s Glory
  • Holy as He is Holy
  • Deceitful Allies
  • Visual Oracles of the Prophetic
  • Signed Expressions ("Simance") applied to praise and worship
    (i.e., sign, mime, and dance)
  • Sacred Dance