Pamala Denise is the president and founder of GateView Ministries. She actively
facilitates an apostolic vision for establishing God's Kingdom Ambassadors to
function as one New Man in Messiah through five-fold ministry leadership
(Ephesians 2).

Since her graduation from International Bible College (1979), Pamala Denise has
functioned as an Ordained Minister, Children’s Evangelist, Choir Director, Praise
and Worship Leader, Instrumentalist, Writer, Editor, Bible College Teacher, Pastor,
Apostle/Director for Schools of the Holy Spirit, and in the area of creative and
prophetic arts.

Unique to her spirit-inspired praise and worship leading is her adept sign language
accompaniment. In fact, Pamala Denise has had the privilege of pioneering an
Simance combining sign, mime, and dance. She is an experienced
national and international speaker, clinician, and workshop coordinator for the
expressive worship that God is restoring in this exciting day of the Church.

Due to her
extreme love of God’s Word and His people, Pamala Denise has
pursued studies in Hebrew and Jewish Learning — receiving a certificate in 2000
from the Florence Melton Mini-School of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in
conjunction with the Bureau of Jewish Education in Phoenix, Arizona.

In-depth study and teaching of the Hebraic Roots of Christianity has been an on-
going passion for Pamala Denise. Therefore, her consistent faithfulness and life
dedication in this endeavor were honored in 2007 with
The Honorary Degree of
Doctor of Theology
 by Mayim Hayim Ministries Hebraic Learning Center.

Pamala Denise has worked with Dr. Thomas Gossett of Indian Trails Missionary
Outreach and Senderos de Misiones since 1987. For the past seven years, they
have worked to establish the
Naco Bible Training Center (NBTC), where she is the
“Directora Maestra.”  The NBTC provides training for indigenous ministries and
serves as an international gateway to the nations.

Sanctified to ministry from childhood, Pamala Denise is based in Arizona with her
family who also share
her vision for bringing forth a people who will  do
extraordinary things for their supernatural and sovereign Lord.
 She is available
for conferences, workshops, and other ministry engagements.
Dr. Pamala Denise Smith
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